A word to the wise

The husband, I think, is an old soul trapped in a not-so-old skin; he claims to be not a day older than 26 (well then, I am 16 for a decade now).

I wonder if addressing a person as an old soul will solve my purpose at all, because in a time when our great grandparents are cribbing about 4g not being fast enough, the husband doesn’t bother with social media. At all.

You remember how when our older folks would be initiated into the social butterfly club, the younger ones would have to specifically call them and tell them things like, “Nani, I’ve sent you some pictures of so-and-so person on so-and-so group. Please dekho”?

It’s the same with the husband.

“Did you check the link I sent you?” I’d ask.


Did you see my dp? (I’d ask, fishing for compliments)


“Don’t I look jaw-dropping gorgeous?”

“Don’t ask the obvious.” (Good save, mister!)

“Why wouldn’t you respond to my messages?”, I’d finally confront him.

“It’s nice to hear you on the other side.” (Well played, you!)

After realizing that I am dealing with someone as cunning as me, I decide to go old school.

I write a letter and get it delivered by a pigeon.

Here’s an excerpt:

These are the few things you can tell me the next time I send you pictures/messages (without me having to ask whether you’ve seen what I sent):
1. Template A
2. Template B
3. Template C
4. Template D

A few days later, I send a test message (just to poke the bear).

“See you in 10. Getting beer”, the husband responds, along with an absolutely out of context/unnecessary/no-head-no-tail emoji.

Thrilled I am, partly because of the beer and partly because someone decides to let go of the template.

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