It’s Never a Goodbye

No one ever said goodbyes were easy, no matter how well prepared you were for them.
The husband and I were sitting on the porch after dinner when he casually mentioned, “you’ll have to go back home.”
I’d always known this. Ever since we made our home in this far flung place, we knew there’d come a day when we’d have to pack and leave. Just like that.

And just like that the news was broken to me, slipped in a casual conversation under the garb of “we knew this was coming”.

I wasn’t ready to leave our home just yet. Holding back tears, I looked away. We couldn’t speak for the rest of the evening.
I thought of the first day here, the difficult days here, and the beautiful moments stolen in between all of these. It made me angry to be leaving behind a home we’d toiled to make ours.
It wasn’t a lush fancy house but it was what homes are made of, arguments, endless conversations, imperfections, and love.
I may have lived through strange inconveniences, may have been chased by a herd of sheep, may have struggled in the kitchen, but these are fond memories now; memories I’d give up anything to make again.
I’d found my anchor here.

Kamlesh aunty didn’t take the news well. She cried and hugged and cried some more. Some bonds are destined to be, she and I share one such.
She never said goodbye. She said, “Jaldi laut ke aana” as we walked out leaving a big part of us behind those doors.

We’ll make a home again and again, and again. Home will be wherever they send us.

P.S: It has taken me multiple breakdowns and umpteen FRIENDS re-run to finally be able to pen this down.
As my blog turns 1 today, I couldn’t think of a better post to be thankful for everything that has come my way in the last year.
Hoping for lots of love and zero questions.


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